The Joy Of Parts – Why I Love My Razor Junkyard

In addition to my line of shave ready razors, I buy a significant number of broken razors that have no apparent value or historic importance (keep in mind that some razors, even when broken, DO have value).

Why would I pay for broken razors?

These razors that would normally be discarded are a valuable source of material for someone who studies razors and repairs them. I have written several articles on razor restoration and how I am generally opposed to it, beyond a basic Junkyards near me cleaning and honing. However, a blade with broken scales or a pair of scales holding a broken or badly corroded blade will never be a shaver, nor, unless it is something truly special, will it ever be a collector’s piece.

When I DO make repairs, I only use parts that are original to that type of razor. And given the thousands of different makes of razors out there, one needs MANY parts to have a chance at having the right one needed for an authentic repair. If I cannot repair a razor authentically, I don’t do it. That’s why broken razors are so valuable to me. They provide the source of genuine parts that I need to make broken razors whole again.

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