Sources for Borrowing Money

When you are in a money pinch, there are several sources of capital at your disposal. They all have various interest rates, fees, and terms. When you need to options for borrowing money consider all these items carefully.

Bank Loans

The most efficient, lowest-cost form of loan is usually to borrow money from a bank. It requires good credit and a good relationship with your bank. Depending on your reason for borrowing money, you may need to put up collateral for the bank. You will get the lowest interest rates with secured loans. These are loans against an asset, such as a house or a car. They carry lower risk to the bank so they also come with lower interest rates. Unsecured loans and lines of credit carry higher interest rates.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are a very easy but very expensive way to borrow money. If you only need cash for a few weeks, the cost can be reasonable. But if you need cash for an extended period of time, there are usually cheaper ways to borrow money. Also make sure you understand your payment cycle, interest rates, and payment information before using this method.


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