Floral Perfumes Vs Musk Perfumes  

Floral Perfumes Vs Musk Perfumes  

I remember as a little girl wandering about department stores with my mother, we would always stop by the perfume counters to try out the latest perfume releases. Like most women, my mother has a soft spot for fragrances and I can recall her asking the sales assistants   sentosa team building    about the best perfumes for women that have just been launched. More often than not the recommended ones are usually floral perfumes and mom usually ended up walking away with some free samples to try out later.

What I’ve noticed over the years is that almost every woman likes floral perfumes; ranging from light florals to medium bodied and heavy ones. Older women tend to go for the heavier blends that contain lots of rose and jasmine notes while younger women are more partial to milder florals. If looking through the perfume bottles on most women’s dressing table, you will probably find that the majority of their fragrance collection lean more towards the floral genre.

Musk perfumes on the other hand come in two main varieties; the airy and clean smelling types, and the deep, spicy ones. The clean smelling types are very much in vogue with corporate type professionals, both men and women. These types of perfumes are also very popular right across the different age groups. Moreover, over the last 15 years or so, light musk perfumes have become really big sellers for some of the largest perfume houses; that have created some of the top selling unisex perfumes of all time. Issey Miyake and Calvin Klein are just two the popular perfume brands that use generous amounts of clean musk notes in their perfumes.

On the other hand, deep musk types of perfumes tend to contain spicy and exotic notes.

These types of musk perfumes often contain woody and resinous notes. This is particularly common with the Arabian, and in general, Middle Eastern type musk perfumes.

Comparing floral to musk perfumes cannot really produce a conclusive result, since it all comes down to the wearer’s personal choice. For instance, I like to wear very light floral perfumesin the spring, clean and airy type fragrances in the heat of summer and spicy florals in the fall and winter. Likewise, other people might like different types of perfume for different occasions, that doesn’t mean one is better than the other.


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