What Disability Law and Advocacy Services    

What Disability Law and Advocacy Services    


A number of agencies provide disability law and advocacy related services to physically and mentally disabled persons. Such agencies are available both nationally and in each US state. The importance of the advocacy of rights of disabled individuals provided under disability law cannot be understated. Disabled individuals as a group      avukatlık hizmetleri

face far too many challenges in life and require help to be aware of their rights to equality with regard to other US citizens.

Unfortunately, some people exploit others who may be weaker than them in any aspect. The US federal government and state governments have therefore enacted laws to provide comprehensive protection to disabled persons. However, disabled persons as a class are usually not firm enough to fight their own discrimination cases against exploiters.

This has paved the way for the institution of non-profit charitable community service-based organizations that provide basic legal education to the disabled and advocate for their rights. They provide advocacy services to the disabled by publishing newsletters, engaging in legal reform, or even policy reform in favor of disabled persons, and in test case litigation.

There are a number of national agencies that are engaged in advocacy services for disabled persons. They help improve the quality of the life of the disabled through their non-discriminatory efforts. They include the following.

Advocating Change Together (ACT) – This is a grassroots-level disability rights organization that is run by and for people with physical, mental, and developmental disabilities. It makes connections to civil and human rights struggles and helps make disabled people feel part of a disability rights movement.

It runs a Common Vision program that that serves to inculcate self-advocacy among participants and trains disabled persons for leadership within the disability community. The program also tries to make disabled persons aware of their own power to bring about positive change in the disabled people’s community. It trains disabled persons to work in groups to create a strong organization that does not depend on others to advocate for their rights but on themselves.


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