The Disturbing Truth About Your Life (Warning – Read at Your Own Risk)

The Disturbing Truth About Your Life (Warning – Read at Your Own Risk)


Dear Reader,

I am about to tell you some disturbing truths I’ve realized after meditating on them and studying various material from researchers for a long time. Now I have to warn you though, this is very disturbing and once you realize them, you will never look at the world and life the same away again. As they say “Once you see the prison bars, you    Conservative Media  cannot “unsee” them”. So read at your own risk. Choose now whether you will take the “red pill” or the “blue pill”. If you choose the latter, then stop now. But if you choose the former, then read on.

The disturbing truth is that you are a mind-controlled slave on a prison planet. In fact, we are all slaves to the economic system and the world itself is a global enslavement machine. But we are programmed with illusions that help us bear our enslavement so that we don’t even see it. (All those science fiction films that depicted automaton braindead societies of the future or on other planets, were trying to tell you something after all)

Freedom, for the most part, is just a word, not an actual state of existence. If you think about it, the reason people (especially Americans) believe that they have freedom is simply because they are told that they do and their minds are programmed to think that they do, not because any real evidence supports it. In reality, from grade school you are controlled in every way and treated like a prisoner and slave, not as a free and liberated person.

If you think about it, the only reason you believe that you are living in “the land of the free” is not because it’s true or backed by any objective evidence or reason, but because you were TOLD to believe it. It’s no different than Christians believing that the Bible is God’s word because they were TOLD that it was and so they accept it.

But your slavemasters need you to be satisfied with your enslavement to keep you controlled. In order to do that, they give you choices in work and consumerism and call that “freedom”. So, you are “free” to choose your form of slavery and to vote for your puppet dictators in a circus show and charade known as the voting process, which gives the stupid an illusion of control. That is exactly why we need to be constantly reminded that we are “free”. So we don’t forget.

As Jeffrey Grupp of AntiMatter Radio ( often says, “The world is a concentration camp where we are told that we are free.”

Basically, you are tricked into thinking that you are free. The system switches the meaning of “slavery” and “freedom” around to mean their opposite. For example, when you become a slave to a corporation (aka “getting a job”) the system calls that “exercising your freedom to work” even though it is really a part of your economic enslavement. And when you don’t have a job, you are considered “a miserable unemployed person” with no purpose or function, which carries a negative connotation in the economic system of course. Thus being free of wage slavery is labeled negatively. This is how the mind control of the industrial system works. And you are supposed to agree with it of course, not question it.

This is not just physical enslavement, but enslavement of the MIND as well. Moreover, we are also slaves to our bosses, company, spouses, peers, media, parents, teachers, society, government, political system, ruling elite, and even our own implanted thoughts and desires, in direct and indirect ways, whether we are aware of it or not. Thus there is very little leeway for anything that we can call “freedom” (unless you consider having 20 flavors of bagels to choose from to be “freedom of choice”).

You see, there’s a reason why society is set up so that you don’t have much free time. In your youth, school keeps you busy and preoccupied. Then, in your adult life, work keeps you busy on the treadmill. And in your spare time, the mainstream media holds your attention with the official version of everything. The reason for all this is that if you have too much free time to think about everything – life, existence, the world, etc. – you will eventually realize that you are a slave on a prison planet (ala Alex Jones’ and that most of what you are told is hogwash, lies and gross distortions. That’s the scary part, that with too much free time comes a lot of disturbing but liberating truths, not just in terms of conspiracies, but about the nature of your existence itself. Thus, we are kept from all that by a society that keeps us busy and distracted, for most of us cannot handle the truth. Plus it is not in the interests of the powers that rule us to let us know the truth either, for whatever reason, so they keep us in a state of Zeitgeist (illusion).

In our subconscious minds, we all know that we are living an enslavement existence. But we don’t want to face this, for we live in fear and feel helpless about it, so we just go along with it. To help us cope with it, we are programmed with delusions and mantras such as the myth of “living in a free country which makes us great” and “living to work and serve” so that we can find fulfillment and purpose in our enslavement. None of it makes any real sense and only serves to pacify and appease us.


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