Summer in Deutschland

It was one of those delightfully balmy summer nights, one of those that we don’t get enough of in Germany – same thing in England. I was sitting in a beer garden with my eldest brother. The roses were in full bloom and it smelled of summer. Rainer and I were clinking our oversized beer mugs together, grinning at each other, before turning our attention back to the TV screen in front of us. It was the Football World Cup 2010. Germany was playing Ghana, and we were winning. As people cheered and hugged each other when Germany scored, I had a rush of happiness go through my body and I thought to myself “Sommer in Deutschland, how wonderful.”

My return to “the motherland” played a big part in my homecoming celebrations. Whilst I love living in England, and I feel so much more at home over there, I still am German, and I have not forgotten my roots. Coming back to Nuremberg to see my family is always wonderful and I really miss them when they are not with me. But this time, visiting Nuremberg was even better.

Transport Deutschland, very similarly to England, does not get much of a summer these days. As a result, whenever there is a summery, sunny day, everyone goes out to enjoy the weather. People are happier, livelier, more relaxed. Over the past fifteen or twenty years, German cities have changed a lot with regards to how they celebrate their summer. Cafes and restaurants no longer need a designated, approved and tucked-away backyard to give their guests an al-fresco experience. Nowadays, much in the way we see it in the Med, there are dining tables right there outside on the pavement, sometimes in a tiny open-air corridor, or even all the way across the street, which is always fun to watch as the waiters have to dodge the traffic to reach their customers. Germany used to be quite strict with regards to rules and regulations about where gastronomes were allowed to feed their customers, but these days anything goes. Germany feels decidedly cosmopolitan and relaxed when you are sipping perfectly frothed cappuccino on a sunny day in a little side road, slouching on comfy Arabian seat cushions, surrounded by plant pots overflowing with flowers from all over the world.

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