Full List of EVE Echoes Storyline Missions and Rewards

In EVE Echoes, players can complete News Missions to unlock Storyline and earn EVE Echoes ISK through completing the Story Missions, different missions will differ in difficulty and the amount of rewards. Here we’ll go through the EVE Echoes Storyline Mission rewards, fittings, how to unlock the mission and other details.

Full List of EVE Echoes Storyline Missions and Rewards

There are a total of three different difficulty level in the following tasks, including tier 6 difficulty (Solo/Duo), tier 8 difficulty (Solo (multi-boxing)/Duo, Kiting Technique or 3/4 Ships required) and tier 10 difficulty (Solo (multi-boxing)/Duo Kiting Technique or 5+ Ships Required). In most cases, the more difficult the mission is, the better the ISK rewards.

Story Missions Caldari

The Bad Hare Day is one of the most difficult tasks storyline missions, you need to complete the News Missions such as Guristas Emergency Rescue, Purging the Guristas Pirates, Elite Hare Squad, etc. It has a reward of 200 Million ISK and you are going to get access to “Hunter Supply Chest”, which has a lot of large fittings, like Popper Large Rifled Railgun. These fittings maybe not worth much at the beginning, but when tier 7 comes along, you’ll start finding them are worth a lot more. Particular loot chest has actually got some really good loot pools that you could consider and there is a lot of things worth a significant amount, like Interruptive Stasis Webifier. So Bad Hare Day in the Caldari missions is worth to do and it recommended that you have a tier 10 battleship at the very least. You can do with the group as well, then you don’t need tier 10 but it requires fighting against tier 10 level enemies. For other missions, you can also access the fitting loot, tier 6 mission has a small amount of fittings loot, tier 8 has a medium fittings loot and tier 10 has a large fittings loot.


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