Easy Web Hosting – Make Your Own Web Page

I am sure that all of you are familiar with the Internet and surfing it is not a strange thing to do. Browsing the web pages may even be an everyday routine to some of you. To those of you who do not have your own personal web page, you may think that you may never ever own and build a web page of your own. You may be unsure of the steps needed and may feel uncapable of doing it yourself. This article presents some of the first steps in having your own website.

The first thing that you need is a domain name. A domain name is sort of an address for your 웹하드  website. Visitors can use this address to search and visit your website. Without domain name, your website will not appear on search list and it is undiscoverable. Domain names like google.com and yahoo.com are well-known to everyone. You can use other names like myname.com or myfirstweb.net. In order to have your own domain name, you need to register it with an authorized body.

The second thing is to put your website at a dedicated server or hosting. Hosting is the space required to store all files website. Hosting is like hard disk space that is available on your computer. However you cannot store your website files on your computer because it can not be access by others. To allow others to access files website a web server is required.


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